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Broadcasting 247 to Coventry and surrounding areas

Vanny Radio is a Coventry-based internet-driven community broadcaster. We broadcast primarily through volunteers from Coventry and surrounding towns. We currently have over 30 volunteers broadcasting and engaging in other activities each week. Our volunteers, who are mostly trained at the station, provide a platform and a voice for the local community. 

Vanny Radio also provides apprenticeship schemes for youth and the unemployed. There are a variety of programs run by Vanny Radio targeted at community improvement and integration. Vanny Radio has had a growing listenership of the youth within Coventry and surrounding areas. Our radio broadcasts have slots for all ages. We have specially designed programs for children between the ages of 6 through to the youth. We also have special events for university students where issues affecting students are discussed amongst others. 

We started broadcasting on April 2014 and currently operate from 2 locations. We have a location is the city centre at Coventry Point, and also operate from Wyken community centre. 

We are a Community Interest Company, almost entirely volunteer led and managed by a Board of Directors who are also volunteers. We have a small staff team who take care of the day-to-day operations and manage our community and media projects.

Presenters on Vanny Radio


Our focus

Our focus on the community means we get to engage at every level. We partner with Coventry Council and other local-based charities and not-for-profit organisations to deliver programs across Coventry. We form partnerships geared towards the community through the power of media.


We are looking for you

Could you be the next Vanny DJ or Presenter? We have many volunteer DJs as well as seasoned DJs taking up slots through out the week. Join us.

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