Famous building and monuments

With over 400 listed buildings in Coventry, the city has some of the most well preserved structures in the country, dating back over a thousand years and more. Just some of the buildings listed include Coventry's magnificent Cathedral, both old and new, both of which majestically stand as a proud lasting reminder of Coventry as a symbol of peace and reconciliation and form part of the city's famous skyline with its three spires. Holy Trinity Church and its famous Doom painting and Greyfriars Spire complete the set. The Coventry Watch Museum, Belgrade Theatre, St John the Baptist Church, Bonds and Fords Hospital, Old Bluecoat School, Priory Undercrofts and St Mary's Guildhall are all of national and international historical importance and this is just a selection of what the city has to offer.

One of the most fascinating monuments in the city today is the remnants of its original city walls and gates. Built in the 14th century, as a defensive structure to ward off invaders, the wall also reflected Coventry's commercial and strategic importance in any conflict at the time. Coventry was described as the most well defended city in England outside London. The construction effort started at New Gate and was initially completed around 1400. Much repair work and re-routing took place right up until 1534. Visitors can still find exquisite examples of the old wall to this day, including the magnificently well-preserved wall link between Cook Street Gate and Swanswell Gate that runs right through Lady Herbert's Garden. The wall measured approximately 2.2 miles right around, containing 32 towers and 12 gatehouses in total. New Gate, Gosford Gate, Bastille Gate (Mill Gate), Priory Gate (Swanswell Gate), Cook Street, Bishop Gate, Well Street, Hill Street, Spon Gate, Greyfriars Gate, Cheyslemore Gate and Little Park Gate. The walls were maintained throughout the 16th and 17th century, and were repaired once more during the English Civil War of the 1640s. The city walls were demolished in 1662 on the orders of King Charles II as a punishment for Coventry's housing of Parliamentarians during the war. The remaining wall circuit is protected under law and are classified as Grade I listed buildings and a scheduled monument.

Unlocking Coventry's secrets and discovering a wealth of local knowledge is why tens of thousands of visitors every year take time out to explore the city of Coventry. Who knows what you will discover on your trip. For a full site list of historically important buildings, sites and monuments, visit our history and heritage listings page.


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