Russian Jet Was Blown Up By 'Bomb In The Hold'

Russian Jet Was Blown Up By 'Bomb In The Hold' coventry

New evidence emerges in intercepts picked up by UK spies as thousands of stranded tourists prepare to fly home from Egypt.British spies have uncovered evidence that suggests a bomb was smuggled into the hold of the Russian jet that crashed in Egypt, killing 224 people.

UK intelligence found evidence of the plot in intercepts picked up as part of a review of material carried out in the wake of the 31 October disaster, Sky News understands.

The discovery by GCHQ prompted Britain to dispatch experts to Sharm el Sheikh to review security at the airport - leading to the suspension of all flights to and from the resort.Sky's Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley said: "Following the downing of the aircraft, British intelligence went back over existing material and began to see some kind of signal that indicated a bomb had been placed on this aircraft."

The discovery has created a diplomatic row with Egypt and Russia, who want to see the intelligence, having previously played down Islamic State claims of responsibility.Kiley said: "The interesting thing is that the intelligence was missed in the first place, which will anger the Russians in particular.

"The Russians and Egyptians are wanting the British to share this intelligence with them. The British are resisting that very strongly - quite often they've said they'll share the conclusions but not the raw material because access to the raw material will reveal their capabilities."

David Cameron - who has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin twice since the crash - has said it is "more likely than not" that the jet was brought down by a bomb,

Flights from Sharm to the UK will resume later in the face of heightened security, including a ban on hold luggage for passengers, which will be transported separately.

Planes carrying British tourists will depart the UK with the holds "sealed up" and security to ensure they stay that way while in Egypt, the Independent's travel expert Simon Calder has reported.

:: How Security Flaws May Have Led To Bomb On Jet

There have been concerns over lax security at the airport after a British holidaymaker told Sky News that he had jumped queues and baggage checks by paying just £20.

EasyJet, Thomson Airways, British Airways, Thomas Cook and Monarch all announced they will operate services to the UK.


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