Youth Radio Broadcasting

Our Training uses radio as an exciting environment for our young people to gain both academic and practical skills across a range of curriculum areas including:

  • ICT
    Digital audio production and ECDL.
    Software for music scheduling and playout systems.
    producing a broadcast feature for the benefit of the local community.
    Programme production and presentation skills
  • Verbal and written skills, interview techniques, script writing and effective communication skills.

Attending one of our regular training courses also helps with confidence building, team works, problem solving and will enhance CV and create employability skills too!

Creating media: A violence and anti social behaviour prevention activity

How Youth Radio does violence and anti social behaviour prevention? "We are not teaching specific ways to avoid danger,"  "We are both doing stories about violence and anti social behaviour getting the stories out there.

drugs or danger. This is a good environment to share stuff that's real. The primary goal at Youth Radio is not limited to training young people to be journalists, DJ, Presenters or getting them involved in talk shows, The goals are more general, like modelling respect, providing encouragement and teaching skills that can cross over to whatever destinations the young people choose.

Youth in control

At Youth Radio, "Youth in Control" is the name of the two-hour weekly show produced in its entirety by the Youth Radio posse. The name, like the show's format and themes, came from the young people themselves. They picked the name to reflect what they want to see happen. They decide, control, and produce the show.

Tuning in a youth perspective

Learning to write commentaries (editorials read during a radio program) is a required, and important, part of the training at Youth Radio. Even those passionate about their love of music and becoming a disc jockey have to spend, at a minimum, a third of their time developing the critical thinking skills necessary to write a commentary.

Creating media: Journalism

 The students are well trained in covering breaking news and analysis. Their goal is to gain credibility and skills on a range of issues via the media. Movement and action characterize the atmosphere at Youth Radio. 


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